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Important Message Regarding Our Line-Up

As always, follow us on Facebook for up to the minute information on the band.  The official site is often delayed.

4th Anniversary Birthday Blowout Bonanza

The LC Return January 29th at New Brookland Tavern

The LC Return January 29th at New Brookland Tavern

That’s right kids.  We’ll be celebrating our 4th birthday on January 29 at New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia, SC!  We haven’t played in Columbia since September of last year, and we haven’t played with the full line-up since April of 2013!  It’s about time to shake off some cobwebs and rock out for you guys again.

We’ll be bringing along our pals in Dreiberg to rock the night away as well as some other acts TBA.

Additionally, we’ll have special $2 tickets available for our friends to purchase.  See, it’s our birthday, but you get the gift of a ridiculously cheap night of rock!  That’s how we roll son.  Just get in touch with one of us if you’d like to get the hook up!

All details will be announced soon.  We just wanted to let you know that the LC train will be wrecking on a stage near you soon!

The Lovecrafts: Not Your Average Family Band

Here’s the mini rock documentary on us that was shot last month. It’s a quick look inside a practice and a “get to know the LC” segment. I wanna thank Holly Hammet for doing her project on us. It’s been fun and we REALLY appreciate anyone helping to get the word out about our cause. Give this thing some views so this girl will get a good grade on her project!

Another Practice Clip

Here’s another clip from our practice the other night. This is some footage from our pal Holly. She’s doing a short rockdoc on us. This is the “tuning/set up ritual.” Which ever members are ready generally start just jamming away on whatever they feel like. This time, it’s Nilla and Tyler going all 50′s on us.

The LC Returns…Again!

Important PSA from Tyler and Lloyd!

Updates and Info

We spent last night down at Shabby Roads derusting.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t as much to knock off as we thought there would be.  It was the first time that all 4 and 3/5ths members were together.  There’s going to be some awesome changes coming that you should enjoy.  If you don’t, well, there’s no accounting for tastes!

Also, last night, our pal Holly Hammet was on hand to document our practice session for her upcoming brief rockumentary.  We’ll give you more details when we get it.

We are NOT actively booking shows right now.  Due to the holidays and other commitments, we’re looking to resume shows with our 4th birthday blowout extravaganza in January.  When we get the date solidified, we’ll definitely let you know.    However, if something comes up before then and we’re able to do it, we definitely will!  Stay tuned to the for all details.  Additionally, we’re considering breaking out another Butchering Bowie gig.  If you need an LC fix, Tyler will be doing a few solo dates with our buddy Frederick Ingram.  Those dates are listed here on the site, so definitely check those out.

Expect lots of cool things from the LC in 14!  Thanks for being along for the ride!

We Want Your Input!

What would you like to see on the new LC site?  We’re planning on the usual videos, photos, show reports, etc.  Is there anything cool you’d like to see that maybe we’re not thinking of?  The site should be your one stop shop for all things LC.  We’d like you to know more about us than you ever should.

Conundrum Music Hall (Sept. 28, 2013) Show Report

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September 28, 2013 – Conundrum Music Hall – West Columbia, SC (w/ Ahomari, Flee the Vault, Nepotism)

Setlist (click the following links to view video from the show):

  1. Snakebones
  2. Timrod Park
  3. The Alley
  4. Micah
  5. Man Machine
  6. Bounce
  7. (New American Drugs intro) Ke$ha
  8. Family Song
  9. Moonage Daydream

This was our big return show.  We hadn’t played a show since April 28.  There were so many issues leading up to this show that I honestly didn’t think we’d end up pulling it off.  The biggest issue was obviously the absence of our drummer, our brother Nilla.  He needed some time to get thing situated, which left us looking for a fill in.  Lucky for us, Nilla has basically already picked out his replacement back during the April show.  When it became obvious that Nilla wouldn’t be doing the show, I got in touch with our boy Brett Wider from the Columbia band Dreiberg.  He came in and with just a few practices, really nailed it.  It’s funny, I thought he would be the one to screw up (not because he’s not badass, but because of the lack of preparation time), I was easily the sloppiest member that night.  Guess what though, it didn’t matter.  I don’t think too many people noticed the mistakes (and some of ‘em were cringeworthy) simply because everyone afterwards said we were awesome.

The badass, Brett Wider filling in!  Photo Credit: Kayode Photo

The badass, Brett Wider filling in! Photo Credit: Kayode Photo

The set was our basic “hits” set list with a few extras thrown in.  We brought back “Man Machine,” “Micah” and even brought back the Bowie cover “Moonage Daydream.”  ”Moonage” was a request from the show opener, and another of our buddies, Ahomari.  It was an ok version even if we did botch the segue at the beginning.  The usual suspects got the most response, “Timrod,” “Ke$ha,” “Bounce” and “The Alley.”

My favorite part was screwing with the headlining band, our pals Nepotism.  Before going into “Ke$ha,” I dedicated the song to Nepotism’s singer, Rob Kershaw.  What he didn’t realize was that we were about to start playing their most popular song.  When I started the intro to “New American Drugs,” I thought Rob and drummer D were gonna have a heart attack!  You could clearly hear the anxiety when they though we were taking their jam and playing it before them!  We only did the intro before launching into a rocktastic version of “Ke$ha” that saw Tyler on the floor in front of the stage leading an almost church like revival during the breakdown.

Photo Credit: Kayode Photo

Photo Credit: Kayode Photo

Overall, this show was really fun.  Brett did an amazing job pulling off the songs on such short notice and I can’t thank him enough for all he did for us during a really weird time in the band.  Seriously, from here on out, as far as I’m concerned, Brett is the 5th LC.  He’s definitely a member of the family now.

We met lots of cool people afterwards (Cap’n Holly!) and just had a good time catching up with friends, both old and new.  While this one was a de-rusting, I can’t wait for the next one to really get things humming again!

 Show report by Benji.

Bounce (Live at Conundrum Music Hall)

Here’s Bounce from a very special LC show.  Nilla couldn’t make it so we got our good buddy Brett Wider of Dreiberg to fill in for him.  He did a fantastic job.  More clips from this show will be added soon, along with the show report.